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Penn State Memes Launches


Today, the Penn State social media mogul known as Penn State Memes has taken to the world wide web by their own means.  Now when you type into your address bar, you’ll find a plethora of PSU memes.  For those procrastinators dedicated to memes of the Penn State variety, this site will organize all the memes created by Penn Staters and even allow you to make memes right on the site! Head over to and enjoy a good laugh.


We got the chance to grab a quick anonymous interview with the founder of Penn State Memes:

How did you come up with PSU Memes?

“I saw that Temple had a meme page while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one night, went to search and see if Penn State had their own, and when I saw that they didn’t took the liberty of making one. And I was also procrastinating writing a paper.”

-What formula did you use to get so successful?

“Posting often and correct memes. The trolls get mad when the memes aren’t correct.”

-What’s your favorite PSU Meme you’ve come across?

“Personally I’m a fan of any of them memes that have to do with the Penn State Squirrels. Only in America do squirrels have problems with obesity.”

-What is your favorite type of meme? (Success Kid, Most Interesting Man, etc…)

“I’m fond of the ‘Watch Out, Got a Badass Over Here’ memes, because they’re particularly sarcastic in nature.”

-What can we expect from

“I think we can expect that will serve as an easier way to find specific memes that students are searching for.”