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Pop Starlets Marina And The Diamonds And Charli XCX Debut Sinfully Delicious Duet "Just Desserts"

Prancing pop kittens Charli XCX and Marina & The Diamonds have teamed up for the sugar-laden breakup track “Just Desserts,” once again establishing the unyielding dominance both lovely and lovelorn ladies have on pop music. Like a hefty dose of cotton candy and cyanide, “Just Desserts” soars with sweet, fluffy clouds of glitzy synthesizers and sears with razor-sharp songwriting. Marina’s haunting hooks burn through the squelching synth line, and Charli’s cool flow cascades over the needling beat. “Just Desserts” isn’t just a well-crafted duet, it’s a gift to the world of pop music, and here’s hoping we see more collaborations between these two in the future. Download the track FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE!