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Price Is Right On Team Tawa

I know we say this every time Keegan Tawa puts out new music, but it always seems to hold true as his talent grows: Keegan’s new song is his best yet.

Listen to it before you read another word of this review. … Are you listening yet? Yes? Ok good then you already get it. 

Tawa’s production plus the vocals of local artist Olivia Price are phenomenal together. Each new collaboration he does seems to add a new creative dimension to his sound.

The song itself is a melodic trip down memory lane with lyrics evoking that reflective mindset you get when life makes you walk alone for while. When their serious tone is conveyed through Olivia Price’s full voice over the jaunty chords in the build, you’re dying for that cathartic release of sound that the lyric-less chorus provides.

There is clear, inherent emotion in every aspect of the song. Even if you don’t catch the actual words in the lyrics, you still feel the impact of the vocals and melody in every note and syllable. The result of all this build and quality production? The singular, undeniable urge to jump out of your seat and dance the angst away.

Don’t bother resisting your headnodic urges while listening. You’ll just hurt yourself. Thanks for another fantastic tune Keegan.

Check out Olivia Price’s SoundCloud here



We live without clarity;

eyes believe what they’re shown.

We love without legacy;

leave behind seeds we’ve sewn.


If hearts could find,

If time could show,

two paths entwined

where would we go?


My hands hold you,

Emptiness grows.

In time too soon

We will walk alone.


Please, keep your mind at ease.

There’s no need to stay.

Sweet, let your love fly free.

We’ll be okay.


Wherever you may go,

My thoughts will wander.


Please let your heart know

New love grows stronger.