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Rant and/or Rave Review: "Every Chance We Get We Run" by David Guetta, Tegan & Sara, & Alesso

When I read a tweet about a week ago that said that David Guetta, Alesso, and Tegan & Sara had created a track together called “Every Chance We Get We Run,” all I really absorbed was “Tegan & Sara are EDM vocalists again praise the risen lord xoxoxo.” Their brief stint with Tiesto is the main reason I’m going to go see him in October, since “Feel It In My Bones” is actually my all time FAVORITE dance track. I of course bought “Every Chance We Get We Run” on iTunes as soon as it came out at midnight, steadfast in my austere devotion to spend my hard earned money on every new album and single from every artist I’m interested in (LOL but for real though). I have it currently locked on endless repeat in order to glean my best impression and interpretation of it (or get tired of it). I’m already comparing it with “Feel It In My Bones,” because how could I possibly NOT. But anyway, here’s what I’ve gathered so far from “Every Chance We Get We Run.”

I wouldn’t quite say I’m in love with it yet, but what I would say is that I’m content with it right now. It’s basically a David Guetta track, so of course it has the standard formula for every dance-pop single he’s ever released and produced. It’s a slick, candy-sweet dance floor dominatrix, and has just enough lyric worth to avoid being discarded as club trash. There are those guitars that sound like they could be (and probably are) synth samples, and there’s Guetta’s simple yet glitzy piano riff that lets you know that this track kinda-sorta has some emotional appeal. Then there’s the semi-poignant breakdown (courtesy of Alesso?) after the all-to-familiar repetitive refrain that shows the song really wants to you to dance but would be ok with you talking about your feelings too.

Now production aside, Tegan & Sara both sound fantastic on the track. The harmonies flow effortlessly in the chorus, and the verses bounce along with their cute little plaintive indie-style vocals. However, at times it’s a bit hard to understand what they’re saying, or who’s even saying it (I swear they sound the same). If the “Feel It In My Bones” video features Tegan & Sara in a vast world of multi-colored electronic wavelengths, then this music video should feature them in a cavernous room with heart-splattered wallpaper, as they sit in pink bows and look sad in their over-done makeup. Point being, “Feel It In My Bones” is an epic and unique cut of indie-house-electro; “Every Chance We Get We Run” is a formulated dance-pop anthem that just happens to have two indie singers taking the helm of the vocals. You could replace the two of them with Carly Rae Jepsen and honestly the song wouldn’t sound too different. I could, would, and mostly likely will rage to this in the future, so I can’t completely knock it. I definitely think “Feel It In My Bones” is better though. As is standard with YouTube, the only version I could scrape up has the pitch out the window. But below is something for you to listen to until you gather enough courage and/or money to buy the track on iTunes here. I’ve also included the video to “Feel It In My Bones,” so that you can compare and contrast the two tracks and deduce that “Feel It In My Bones” is better on your own (unbiased music journalism at its finest).

“Every Chance We Get We Run” (pathetically pitched audio version):

“Feel It In My Bones” (blissful and perfect music video version):