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Rebecca Black Releases New Music Video!

I know that most people are thinking… “Why is Rebecca Black trying to make a comeback?”… or … more specifically “Why is Rebecca Black trying to make a comeback with a song named “Saturday”?” after that whole “Friday” debacle. The truth is Ms. Black never actually went away. She created a YouTube channel a little over two years ago and has managed to build up over half a million subscribers. She has a variety of videos posted ranging from original music, covers, and daily vlogs. Not to mention she has collaborated with many other YouTube stars such as Tyler Ward, Miranda Sings, and now as you can see in this new music video, Dave Days. I unexpectedly found this new song of hers to be quite catchy, even though I didn’t want to. Regardless of her past “Friday” craze… I recommend you to take a listen to her progress throughout the past two years and check out a few of her covers and new music video below!

Rebecca Black & Dave Days – “Saturday”

Rebecca Black & Dave Days – “Stay” Cover

Rebecca Black & Jon D – “We Can’t Stop” Cover