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Recap: Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso

Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso love Penn State, and we love them!

Sebastian laying it down on stage last night!

I did not attend the show last night, but you better believe I was in the right place to get the down low afterward.  I was parked at Indigo and waiting for the crowd for SOE to show up, and when they did, the questions started flowing.  The general consensus that I got was, that it was a SICK show, but could have been longer.  However, everyone also said it had the feel that Avicii brought, but the laser/light show made it better.  You have to love this EDM movement at Penn State right now, you may not respect the music, but there is a love found in EDM that you don’t see in many other genres of music.  There seems to be a huge connection between every fan that attends these, “raves,” and I think it’s just something that can’t be matched anywhere else.  Here are a few videos that were posted from last night for everyone who didn’t go, or everyone who can’t remember, to check out!

P.S. I heard everything went well, and we are definitely getting painted at #DAYGLOWPSU!