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Red Hands Concert Footage

Red Hands performed at the HUB Center’s Heritage Hall with Kills and Thrills, GIRLFIGHT , and hardcore legends Every Time I Die brought to you by The Asylum Club on April 19th.

Red Hands has emerged in the Pittsburgh scene with a sound that is raw, dark, full, and genuine. With dynamic guitar tones and a precise rhythm section, Red Hands presents a musical package that can be enjoyed and appreciated by listeners young and old, musically educated or ignorant. Their lyrics relay important messages and their melodies are carefully crafted to bring about the full effect. Together they collide to create a unique sound that is sincere and driving. Red Hands is guilty of just one thing: right or wrong, they create music they believe in. Not because of what’s on the radio, but because of whats in their hearts. And in a world where everyone has Red Hands, why not be guilty together?