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Roseland Ballroom Hosts Gaga as Final Performance


Any  big concert junkies or local New Yorkers know all about the legendary Roseland Ballroom. Well, after more than 8 decades of hosting acts from Louis Armstrong to the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan to Beyonce, they are closing their doors.

Now, a landmark venue like this cannot go down without a proper goodbye. For the past 2 weeks, none other than Lady Gaga has been performing almost every night to help celebrate the life of the Roseland Ballroom and the epic acts that took the stage there. Tonight is her final performance there, and the final performance ever at the Roseland Ballroom.

This will be a nothing short of a historic performance, but not all of us will be able to attend. Never fear, Verizon Wireless will be livestreaming the event here! The show starts at 9pm EDT, be ready for a Gaga you have never seen before!