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Silverstein Drops More "Short Songs" Including A Green Day Cover

Alt Press got their hands on some goodies this week as they held a vote for which cover song off of “Short Songs” the listeners wanted to preview.  The result of the vote was Green Day’s original “The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink” and packaged with the release was a Silverstein original: “Sin and Redemption”.

Back on October 19th of this year, the band announced via YouTube their upcoming album “Short Songs”.  In short the band decided to make an album with 11 originals, each under 90 seconds, as a tribute to their influences.  Their video explains that the bands they used to listen to would play such short songs but still be “epic and memorable”.  So the band has set out to take on new heights by challenging their creativity with a time limit.

The album will feature 22 songs total with 11 originals and 11 covers and the band has promised the originals to be nothing short of a regular Silverstein record.  Head over to Alt Press HERE to check out the new releases from Silverstein who will have “Short Songs” available in stores February 7th.

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