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Six Amazing Songs from Commercials

No one really likes commercials, do they?  Unless they’re during the Super Bowl, ads are nothing but a pain in the ass that interrupts our mindless television viewing.  Thankfully, some ad execs got wise and included some pretty awesome music to mitigate the annoyance.  Here are some of the best, (you many want to avert your eyes after pressing play):

1) Santigold, Julian Casablancas, and N.E.R.D. – “My Drive Thru” + Converse

This isn’t a typical ad you’d see on TV, but more of a collaboration of product and song. These three make a kick-ass team and since the tune was produced by Pharrell Williams, you know the results wouldn’t disappoint. The visuals are actually pretty sweet, so don’t fret about having sneakers shoved in your face.

2) Starfucker – “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” + Target

This age appropriately-named band has flown under the radar since their self-titled debut album in 2008 and this song showcases their sound excellently.  It’s cool, it’s catchy and it sees indie rock at its finest.

3) Goldfish – “Fort Knox” + Kia Soul

Everyone loves the funny commercial with the driving hamsters; that is until they got way too out of hand and starting dancing to “Party Rock Anthem”.  One thing that hasn’t gotten old, however, is this little number by Goldfish.  The pulsing beat makes this song danceable without resorting to generic references of raising your glasses or being ‘up’ in the club or a guest appearance by Lil’ Wayne.  The bad-assness you feel isn’t your imagination; this song makes anyone feel cool.

4) M83 – “Midnight City” + Victoria’s Secret

Yes this is a great song, by a great band, but let’s be serious: Vicky could have put vomit on audio and the commercial would still make you listen to it on repeat. Cheers, girls.

5) Vampire Weekend – “Holiday” + Tommy Hilfiger

Vampire Weekend have hit a truckload of success since their debut album, and this song, from their second ‘opus’ Contra, is one of their best.  Since it’s so delightfully indie, does it make it less cool that a mainstream designer used it in his ad?  Of course not.  We won’t even entertain that thought.

6) Peter, Bjorn & John – “Second Chance” + Bed Light Lime

Yes, the ad is for a cheap, overly-flavored beer, but that’s besides the point.  How PB&J have not gained more recognition is a mystery, especially considering this track.  It’s one of their best songs aside from their most popular, “Young Folks”, and features great usage of cowbell.  That alone is the makings of a hit, doesn’t it?

If you liked any of these song snippets, it is recommended that you download them and share them with your friends.