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Skrillex won 3 #Grammys last night, and to commemorate his victories he released a new track

Ex-frontman for a screamo-punk band, Skrillex, has taken his music passion into a new genre and his immediate success will be hard to match.  Last night, he took home 3 out of the 5 Grammys he was nominated for. He took home Best Dance Album for ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, Best Dance Recording for the single “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for “Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)“. Here is the track Skrillex dropped after winning, and frankly it’s not the usual Skrillex sound, but I definitely enjoy it.  It’s nice to see Skrill getting more into Electro-House.

This is where I would usually say “Yo Skrill, Drop it Hard”, but not this time. Enjoy!

Check out a picture of Deadmau5 wearing a shirt with Skrillex’s number on the Grammys Red Carpet HERE!