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DETAILS FOR SOMA and Roustabout! present: HUME with Think Twice, Dublin
Start: October 3, 2012
Venue: Chronic Town

SOMA and Roustabout! present: HUME with Think Twice, Dublin


8:00PM Wednesday, October 3rd at Chronic Town
224 West College Ave. State College, PA 16801
Tickets available at the door for $7.00; 18 and over.

State College-based music promotion company “Roustabout!” has
joined with Penn State student organization Students Organizing the
Multiple Arts (“SOMA”) to host psychedelic rock band HUME from
Baltimore with local support from State College-based Think Twice,



It takes not only nerve to keep reinventing the sound of a band; it
also takes skill. Britton Powell has plenty of both. In the course of
a few years and under the name Hume, the classically trained
Washington, D.C., native (and his revolving cohort of musicians) has
been almost compulsively dedicated to restless experimentation.
Indeed, Hume’s work bespeaks the catholic tastes and formalistic
approach of someone who draws inspiration from James Brown, King
Crimson, a sarangi master in India and yes, David Hume, the
philosopher who said “custom … is the great guide of human
life.” But Powell’s admirably serious commitment to the artistic
process is leavened by an adherence to a rip-it-up-and-start-again
spirit that is pure punk rock.

Hume has a serious task in translating such a dizzying mosaic of sound
into a live setting. Even as a composer who considers “ideas and
approaches and dynamics” in the composition process, Powell throws
caution to the winds on stage, as he leads his band in re-imagining
the richly detailed sounds of his records. Get caught in the swirl.

—David Klein