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Song of the Week: M.I.A. – "Come Walk With Me"

Slowly but surely, queen of controversy M.I.A. has been building anticipation for her upcoming album Matangi, which, after multiple delays, has been given an official release date of November 5.

The first single lifted from the LP was the Middle Eastern-infused “Bad Girls,” which was aptly followed by the brilliant “Bring the Noize.” While it may seem impossible for an artist to top tracks of that caliber, M.I.A. has gone ahead and released yet another banger.

“Come Walk With Me” starts off on a lighter note, a change of pace for the “XXXO” singer. However, as the track hits the 1:30 mark, the song kicks off into an orgy of ethnic and internet sounds, creating a winning combination truly unlike anything else out there.

Listen for yourself below: