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Song Review of the Week: "I'm All Yours" by Jay Sean feat. Pitbull

British R&B singer/songwriter Jay Sean is slowly, but surely, preparing for the release of his next album Worth It All.  He recently released the single “I’m All Yours” to the radio, and with its upbeat sound and dance-themed production, it’s sure to be another huge success for Sean.

“I’m All Yours” kicks off big as Jay Sean moves straight into the hook. Metallic synthesizers and tribal-like background vocals create a catchy contradiction for Sean’s voice to use as a foothold.  Pitbull jumps in right after and manages to string together his verse well enough to generally stay true to the theme (though I’m not sure what law-suits and scubas have to do with romance).   His second verse in the bridge is much more short and succinct, and Sean closes out his half of the bridge effectively as he croons, “We gonna fly, yeah, and we gonna soar, yeah, tonight is ours, yeah, and I’m all yours, yeah.” “I’m All Yours” is a pretty solid track even with the standard house breakdowns.  The clannish backup choir gives what would be a generic dance chorus an interesting twist, and Sean’s vocals are more than equipped to stand out above the instrumentation.  Pitbull expectedly turns out to be a sturdy feature, and the songwriting is simple enough for the feel of the song without coming across as asinine.

Keep an eye out for when the track hits iTunes, and now that Sean has a definite plan set for Worth It All, he’ll be sure to release more singles in the future.