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Spotlight: Matt Toka & "Get Money"

Rocker Matt Toka is the 99%, and here he brings the heat.

Born into a dysfunctional family from Ohio, Toka one day loaded up his Civic and did what we’ve all dreamed of; he moved to Hollywood. The burgeoning artist is now working with producer Rob Cavallo, who has collaborated in the past with My Chemical Romance, and it shows because this jam, “Get Money,” feels not far away from the hit MCR had with “Teenagers.”

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the track, it’s obvious that Matt’s the real deal; he’s struggled with finances and that good stuff which all of us college-aged guys face, and then some.

That said, the inner-machinations of “Get Money” are a surprisingly lighthearted yet hardcore romp. Toka bellows “We got beer waterfalls/Lesbian pillow fights/Wallpaper made out of ice cream/Pyramids made out of gold.”

He’s already been featured in the Warped Tour, but we think things are just getting started for this guy. Check out the track “Get Money” now for the tongue-in-cheek post-hardcore punk rock equivalent of Spose’s “I’m Awesome.”

For more, check out his new EP on iTunes. And for the background of this artist, head on over to his about page. It’s a good story.