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Staff Pick- Music I'm Thankful For: LP's "Into the Wild"


A ballad of sweet freedom that is undoubtedly coupled with fear, LP’s “Into the Wild” evokes all kinds of warm and fuzzy. It also brings about a sense of uncertainty, reminiscent of that first road trip you were allowed to take in your Dad’s beat up old Chevy.

I first heard this song on a credit card commercial (how’s that for underground?), and immediately I ran to the internet to find it. It pulled me in and still hasn’t let go.

I’m thankful for this powerful song and for LP, who looks like she could be the love child of Keith Richards and the curly haired Jonas brother, for putting into the track the very feeling of the open road. The lyrics are bittersweet, simple, and cut me to the bone. During the chorus, I can’t help but drop to my knees and belt it out in the comfort of my small apartment (with unfortunately thin walls).

If this was the theme song for my life, I’d be okay with that. Thanks LP. I’d go into the wild with you any day.