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My name is SteveMC!  I’m currently a senior at University Park.  I absolutely love making music and it all comes from the heart and past experience.  I first started rapping with a couple friends when we would get real high in cars, bump some instrumentals, and be the audience for each others’ freestyles.  It was all thoughtless at first and we’d rap about all types of disgusting, taboo, crazy shit.  I quickly gained an interest for writing more relevant lyrics and music and haven’t stopped since.  I’m currently working on a mixtape that I hope to have out somewhere near the end of this semester.  My main man and producer Lones, who’s also a senior at PSU, will play a huge role in the production of this tape.  My boy Digi (also a senior at PSU) is my go-to guy for artwork for the tape and some production as well.  We’ve got a lot of cool stuff on the way that we’re real excited to share with everybody.  Hope you all enjoy it!

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