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DETAILS FOR A review of Street Light Manifesto and Go Go Gadjet
Start: February 7, 2011 8:00 pm
End: February 7, 2011 11:00 pm

A review of Street Light Manifesto and Go Go Gadjet

Streetlight Manifesto and Go Go Gadjet review and video of their Penn State musical performance on 2/7/11.  Read and view on.


So maybe you couldn’t attend the Streetlight Manifesto show or you just didn’t want to, but you should have.

First off, Go Go Gadjet opened up for Streetlight Manifesto, and what a terrible job they did.  Go Go Gadjet proceeded to play covers of all frat songs.  They must have come to Penn State thinking their crowd was going to be a bunch of bros and frat rats stopping by before their highlighter party.   Go Go Gadjet proceeded to play; Pink – Raise Your Glass, Taio Cruz – Dynamite, Neon Trees – Animal, and many others.  They eventually threw out glow sticks to the crowd, which resulted in the crowd throwing them right back at the band.  There were many middle fingers and “boos” being exhibited.  The crowd was as stiff as the hairs on the back of my neck after a near death experience. I was soon relinquished from death thanks to Streetlight Manifesto reviving me with an outstanding performance. Not saying they are a bad band… but Go Go Gadjet should have reevaluated who they were going to be playing for so they could cover more relevant songs for the concert.

Thanks SPA for Streetlight Manifesto, they were terrific. The band played song after song without the slightest let up.  The crowd was insane, finally letting loose having a chance to endure an exceptional performance.  The band played in amazing unison and constantly acknowledging each-other with smiles and gestures as if they were best of friends, who finally were at a show they had been waiting a lifetime to play.  The energy they gave off was in such high spirits, which is exactly how the crowd felt in return.  You honestly had to be there to truly understand why this band had turned down interviews from the Collegian and Radio 94.5. Since you couldn’t be there… I brought back some video footage for everyone to enjoy.