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Study Playlist: Because "Study Rock" is a Lie.

OK, let’s face it, we all love a little “Study Rock,” but here’s the thing: when you have that softer playlist going, inevitably you’ll come across a track that you love. Then, you’ll start focusing on how awesome the music is, and you’ll stop studying, and it’s all downhill from there. Before long, you’re rocking out to Iron Maiden and the Black Keys, and you’re none the wiser for your final in, like, an hour.

Don’t fall for the trap of “Study Rock”. Instead, here’s 5 melodic–and even symphonic–compositions to help you actually succeed this upcoming week, specifically tailored for your study patters.

1. Getting going is melancholy:

2. But then, you get into the groove of things. Real Harvard stuff, we’re talking about:

3. Feeling good:

4. It gets serious:

5. The final push; no more games, no more child’s play:

6. This is happening:

7. And, finally, for when you still fail your finals:

Godspeed, Penn State.