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Summer Jam of the Week – "Where The Kids Are" (Madera remix) by Blondfire

La-based duo Blondfire can be found frolicking across the vast, rolling plains of indie-pop, wielding furry synthesizers and garage-style percussion to add some fun to the serenity and haze of their cool records. One such track in particular, their single “Where The Kids Are,” epitomizes the kind of naive effervescence that you’d find in your typical Passion Pit track, while exhibiting vocals that call to mind The Naked and Famous. And with indie-pop, there’s always room for massive club remixes from talented and creative DJs. Enter Madera.

The New York DJ tightens the original record and adds a heavy dose of electro-pop syrup upon the already sugary track, creating a colorful dance remix that’s as sticky-sweet as a melting popsicle. Madera slightly warps Erica’s vocals so she keeps pace with the driving dance beats, and all in all adds further youth to the already blissful song. Check Madera’s other great work on his SoundCloud by clicking HERE, and like him on Facebook by clicking HERE.