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Summer Release from the Fox Brothers

The Fox Brothers
Wild Strangers EP

The Fox Brothers are more than just your typical local band. They’re a thriving musical effort, an indie-rock outfit that takes strides and delivers solid tracks. Their Wild Strangers EP is a solidified product of that intensity and drive. Smooth vocal lines tug at the heart strings over head-bopping rhythmic instrumentals. The 15 minute release will keep you riveted, and The Fox Brothers’ style of music is paralleled to none in my opinion. They’re an amazingly solid band with a fresh, new musical vibe and a very impressive EP. This EP put my faith back in the indie rock scene. Grab the EP on their Bandcamp HERE, turn up the volume dial and fall in love.

Follow lead-man Ryan Fox (local PSU original musician, and President of the Penn State Songwriters Club) @RyanAndTheFox

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