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Tawa Officially Releases "Beauty Screams"

“Fractured, faded memories, serenity, is slipping away. Shadows, falling over me, enclosing me, day after day.”

Keegan Tawa and Kelly Letter performing at Battle of the Bands, photo by JRabbit

Those lyrics open “Beauty Screams,” the latest song by Keegan Tawa, and what a song it is. Keegan released this tune the Friday before Battle of the Bands and then performed it live onstage with singer Kelly Letter. The energy during the show was crystal clear to audience members; Kelly Letter is a born performer and no stranger to the stage, and anyone who’s seen Tawa rocking a set before knows his passion for the music he makes. Any song that’s this fun to jam out and dance to gets everyone going, but Keegan Tawa’s attention to detail is what sets it apart from the rest.

Kelly, Keegan, and Niki Epps, who also performed with Keegan, before their set at Battle of the Bands.

With Keegan’s production, Kelly’s vocals burn clearly through the foggy chords opening the piece, building quickly as murky synths bleed up from below the surface to meet the modest hi-hat, starting the pounding beat that gets your toes tapping and your head nodding in time before you know it. After hearing a few different versions of this song throughout its production, its evolution seems even greater to me now.

The builds are short and sweet, making the song poppy without sacrificing substance. As if cried out over a great distance, the impact of the words is felt in every individual note, a perfect marriage of syllables and sound. A decent part of the allure for this piece is the arresting lyricism provided by Myles Billard; his poetically-minded craft focuses every word’s meaning and connotation to the song’s advantage, with no room for generic lyrics. Keegan’s style shows through the entire song until its finish under quiet piano, holding out each distended chord ‘til it floats downward to a close.


All photos compliments of Jonny Rabbit

Beauty Screams Lyrics: 


Fractured, faded memories, serenity, is slipping away 

Shadows, falling over me, enclosing me, day after day


But in my dreams I’m in between the moments of time,

Beauty screams inside the seams of all I find

Shattered kiss, scattered bliss,

Fragments of forgotten love I miss;

My fleeting heart, forever to fake, 

 It’s beating parts, have too much to take;


So forgo from rapture, such tragedy,

No moments can capture, what I used to be;

So forgo from rapture, such agony,

No beauty there after, no memories…