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DETAILS FOR The Chainsmokers New Track and Remix
Start: January 1, 1970 12:00 am

The Chainsmokers New Track and Remix

Producer and DJ duo from from New York, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, are The Chainsmokers and they have come out with a new track!
This song is a song you must listen to, why?
Here are 3 reasons why: 
1) The track is original
2) It’s about Selfies, more to the point girls in the bathroom taking them, and everyone loves selfies…
3) The track is Melbourne bounce influenced and its almost the weekend and nothing says party like the Melbourne style …
 Now here are 3 reasons why they made it: 
1) They are playing LIV, Miami this Friday. It’s a hugely important show for them and they wanted to celebrate it by making a song to commemorate the night…  ** BUY TICKETS HERE**
2) They Love selfies, duh…
3) They love to party, also, duh…
Come check out the song:
The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE (LIV at Midnight Edit)
Along with their new track they also made a remix with The Colourist!
 Here is the official remix VIA Universal Republic:
The Colourist – Fix This (The Chainsmokers Remix)
 A little bit on the making of it:
The Colourist have a really unique playful vocal melodies which is what attracted The Chainsmokers to them the most,  and they like to consider one of their bigger production strengths to be their melody work as well, so they were excited to pair the two against each other. Thus, in the production it was great to create a composition for this track that ping pong’d between The Colourist’ vocals and their production as they add and subtract instruments to increase the energy and emotion into a joyous wave of synths for the drop that keeps that as their signature style 🙂