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The Indie Radio Playlist #2

Sick of the Billboard Top 100? Find yourself craving, I dunno, 3 hours worth of unique tunes? The Lion 90.7fm’s Gabe & Henry in the Evening has you covered.

Playlist below—

Every Wednesday from 7-9 PM, your hosts Gabe Silverman and I come on air. We do this so that we can bring you the latest and/or greatest indie music, discuss the happenings in the industry, and share with you stories of our best concert experiences. Tune in for a good time! That’s Gabe & Henry in the Evening on The Lion 90.7fm. 7-9 on Wednesdays.

Now, let’s get right down to it. On this fine early February day, a few hours before we go on air again, I have brought with me our show’s finely crafted master playlist from the last month and a half or so. For you this month we have 51 songs – that is 3 hours and 5 minutes of music – all set out and ready to go. This is the second time we are doing something this, so if you like this playlist you should definitely check out the post from September.

We hope that you will listen to them, maybe twice or even thrice if you should so choose, enjoy every song, and let us know what you think. Thanks everyone!

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