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The New Backstreet Boys Single Isn't As Bad As You'd Think

The opposing force to N’SYNC is back with a new single that may just salvage what is left of their boy band career. As their first single as a reunited band, “In a World Like This” may be a bit generic, but they aren’t really in a position to push the envelope, are they? What they need to solidify their presence in today’s world of pop is a sugary and catchy, if not formulaic, tune — and the’ve achieved just that.

While it’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s bound to garner some attention from new and devoted fans alike. A hit? Maybe. Their tired image may work against them on this one, as people may dismiss this as nothing more than a desperate attempt. In other words, if this was One Direction, it’d be on top of the charts for weeks. In the end, however, it’s quite enjoyable, so have a listen: