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THON 2013 Raises $12,374,034.46

After a long and enduring weekend THON 2013 has come to an end.  This year THON raised a record breaking $12,374,034.46!!! The total from this year puts THON’s grand total above $100 million! This years event with awesome performances like 7 Hump Wump, Shake Shake Shake, Lowjack, Public Domain, Gates Tomorrow, My Hero Zero, Pistol Peg and the Beer Kegs, The Wondershop Showdown, Total Whiteout, and GoGoGadget couldn’t have had a more entertaining and enthusiastic affair.  Bon Jovi even announced that they would be donating tickets to their show at the Bryce Jordan Center to any Four Diamonds Family that wanted to go.  It’s amazing that THON has grown so much that we need a bigger venue to accommodate everyone who wants to experience it.  Bet the dancers in ’72 wouldn’t believe how big it’s gotten.  Congratulations to all the THON participants from moralers to OPP to R&R to overalls and especially the dancers.  These memories will last with all of us for the rest of our lives.  These kids will always remember what we do here.  “One day we will dance in celebration, until then we dance for a cure.” Coach O’Brien said it best: “This is the greatest university in the country, in the world!”