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THON Dancer Interview: Analise Gruenewald

We got a chance to talk to Analise Gruenewald, a senior veterinary and bio-medical sciences major dancing for HEAL.

How is THON so far?
Awesome. Our THON family has been here a ton so that’s great. My moraler is great. THON is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. Please write that too. Write awesome five times.

How did you feel when you found out you were dancing?
Ecstatic. Ever since my first THON I knew I wanted to dance. When I joined HEAL, I fell in love with it. [Dancing] is a culmination of my involvement. The physical feat of standing for 46 hours is nothing compared to what THON has given me.

What does the logo or motto mean to you?
I’ll do the motto. I’m a science person, and I’m not totally sure, but I think that 70% of the money we raise goes to research. “Redefine the possibilities”- if we keep putting money to it, we’ll get closer to a cure and eventually not have to do this anymore.

What role do you think music plays in THON?
It’s huge. I give a lot of props to the ENT captains because they’re keeping the music fresh and exciting. It keeps up the energy.

If you could have one artist perform at THON, who would it be?
Timeflies. They’re still small but THON loves Timeflies so it would be perfect. Also I think their songs capture the spirit of THON.

What’s your favorite part of the line dance?
The Miley Cyrus part. I’m really into her right now. She’s crazy and she’s doing what she wants.

Why do you THON?
A lot of reasons. Everybody knows someone effected by cancer. For me, I’ve been involved with some of the best people I know at this school for the best causes- everyone is here not caring about anything but having fun. And spraying me with a water gun. It’s probably something I’ll never experience again in my lifetime.