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THON Dancer Interview: Lindsay Blystone

Here’s Lindsay (Right) with her moraler, Amanda (left) at Color Wars.

Our next dancer in our interview series is Lindsay Blystone. Lindsay is a Senior Criminal Justice major, and she is dancing for Powerlifting club this weekend! We got to talk to Lindsay about this weekend for a little bit, and we will be catching up with her at THON as well!

How were you chosen to dance in THON 2014?

I was chosen to dance for Penn State Powerlifting though a nomination process. After I was nominated, the officers met and chose the two dancers. I was lucky to be one of the two.

What does it mean to you to be dancing in this year’s THON?

Dancing in THON is such an honor. It is such a small sacrifice my body will go through compared to the kids going through cancer treatments. Our THON family lost their child, Connor, to cancer almost 2 years ago so I am dancing for him, as well as all of the other angels that got their wings.

What do you think music’s role is in THON?

I think music keeps the dancers motivated as well as upbeat throughout the weekend. It also keeps the dancers moving which is really important.

What’s one song you want to hear at THON this weekend?

One song that I would like to hear is “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews. Although it isn’t a fast song, it’s about family. It’s about being who you are and not worrying about the material things, which I think is what THON is really about.

If you could choose one artist or group to perform at THON, who would it be and why?

One artist I would love to see at THON would have to be Keith Urban or Luke Bryan because they are such great performers that really engage the crowd!

Well there you have if from Lindsay, but this isn’t the last you’ll hear of her! We will be hanging out with Lindsay, Jaime, and all the rest of you at THON this weekend! State in the Real will be keeping you posted on all the craziness going on, so stay connected on our facebook and twitter for all the latest! We THON in 2!