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Throwback Thursday: Middle School Dance Edition


from the windoooooooooooow to the wall…


Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday! THON is this weekend and everybody’s got their dancin boots on so naturally the theme of this week’s playlist is music you can dance to. But since we always kick it old school here at TBT, these will be the songs that your awkward 7th grade self used to dance to. Yup, this is the middle school dance edition.


Get ready to awkwardly grind on random friends of yours while your vice principal looks on disapprovingly. Slow dance uncomfortably at arms length with random people! Ahh the memories. The songs on this playlist are the songs that our adolescent selves got our freak on to. So turn up the volume, get crunk, and remember a simpler time as you enjoy dancing to this week’s TBT. Your 13 year old self will thank you.



Good luck to everybody dancing and participating in THON this weekend, and check back next week for some more classic jams. Peace up, A-Town down.