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Throwback Thursday: Rage! Edition


It’s just one of those days…



Well I’m royally pissed that I had to go to class yesterday, digging my car out of 8 inches of snow and ice, nearly skidding off the road just to turn in some stupid project. We got screwed out of a much needed snow day. That happened twice just this week and I’m sure most of you share my frustration. That’s why the theme of this week’s Throwback Thursday is freakin rage!



Instead of angrily punching a wall or verbally assaulting your roommates, blow off some of the stress from this week by raging to the 25 angry-ass tracks on this playlist. These songs are auditory anger translated into high energy power jams sure to make you pump an angry fist in the World’s stupid face. So turn the volume way up and piss off your neighbors. Because fuck them that’s why! RAGE



Be sure to check in next week for a fresh batch of old songs!