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Throwback Thursday Valentine's Day Singles Edition



now I’ve had enough of love…


It’s (almost) Valentines Day and for all the single people out there, a shittier day does not exist. Every cutesy couple holding hands and going out and being romantic is enough to make anybody not in a relationship sick to their stomach. That’s why this week’s theme is anti-love songs.

The songs on this playlist are for those of us who will be spending Valentine’s day with any of the following: cats, a gallon of ice cream, heavy drinking, a strong sense of cynicism or any combination of the four. Valentine’s is usually miserable for us single people because we are forced to observe every sappy couple around us pretending that they’re happier than we are. At least its cheaper for us. So enjoy these songs about how stupid love is and try to ignore your annoying friends and their annoying girlfriends/boyfriends.



Stop by next week for an all new bundle of songs we’ve all heard before.