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Outsource Interview: True Blood Meets The 80's in Chelsea Bishop's Debut Single "Bad Things"

Dance-pop seductress Chelsea Bishop is an indie artist on the rise, tearing through the underground music scene with her delightfully raunchy debut single “Bad Things.” Bishop’s musical roots are deep and complex; she started singing before she even started kindergarten. She delved into a modeling career prior to pursuing a musical career, both of which ended up working splendidly in Bishop’s favor. Now, as a successful model, actress, and an up-and-coming musician, Bishop is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. For proof, one need only experience the slick, gripping sexuality of “Bad Things.”

“Bad Things” is 50% mash up, 50% cover, and 100% sexy. The track melds the lyricism and melodies of Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” (the theme song to True Blood) with the synth loop from the Eurythmics’ ubiquitous smash “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).” The result is a dance floor paradise; Bishop utilizes the steely synths as stepping-stones to send her lustful coos to euphoric heights. An icy dance breakdown solidifies the sexual nature of the track, and Bishop delivers the hook with unbridled desire. As if the song wasn’t “stirring” enough, Bishop pairs it with a NSFW music video that’s potent enough to leave you breathless. Bishop was kind enough to give us the opportunity to interview her about her life and career. Check it out below!


 Interview with Chelsea Bishop

SITR: How would you describe your musical background?

I was raised in a Southern Baptist home, where I began singing gospel music at a very young age. All throughout school I was in the chorus programs and was a classically trained singer.


SITR: What made you decide to go into modeling?

In middle school I entered a beauty pageant and had to have my first professional pictures taken. They turned out so well, I decided I wanted to try out modeling. I began booking work almost immediately. I also won the pageant too!


SITR: What was the transition like from a modeling career to a musical career?

There wasn’t a huge transition from modeling to music because I’ve always done both. Music has been my true passion from the beginning, so it’s just been reaffirmation that I’m heading down the right path.


SITR: Why did you decide to do the cover/mashup of “Sweet Dreams” and Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” for your debut single?

Initially, this track wasn’t going to be my debut single. We had recorded another amazing track, and were getting ready to launch it when our team came up with this great idea. They knew I loved True Blood, and the lyrics to the theme song “Bad Things,” by Jace Everett fit right along with my concept. We then added the sample of “Sweet Dreams,” because it’s one of the most popular dance beats of all time. We knew the finished product was amazing, but we had no idea it was going to explode like it did. We are all very grateful!


SITR: How would you describe your sound as a musician?

I would describe my sound as European pop with an edge.

Chelsea Bishop

SITR: What are your biggest influences, musically and otherwise?

My influences are really all across the board. From pop, hip-hop, to country. I grew up in the “Britney era,” so she had a huge impact on me. I had older siblings too, and would often borrow my sister’s Madonna and Alanis Morissette CDS.


SITR: What has been your most enjoyable live performance?

I won a talent show many years ago at summer camp, and was able to sing for a crowd of about a thousand people. I was pretty nervous, but once I got out there I didn’t want to leave the stage. It was the most incredible feeling. This was a very pivotal moment in my life.


SITR: What do you see in the future for yourself as a musician, in terms of goals?

I’m the type of person who doesn’t give up. I always go as far as I can with everything. I guess it’s my gymnast mentality. I ultimately want a long-standing career in music. Multiple albums, International tours, and Grammys galore!


SITR: If you could collaborate with any artist and/or producer, who would it be?

I really enjoy Lil Wayne’s music. I think we could make an awesome track together.


SITR: What was it like shooting the “Bad Things” music video?

Shooting the video was an absolute blast! We had the vision of what we wanted, and we ran with it. I love being in front of the camera so it just came naturally!


SITR: Why do you think dance music has become such a mainstream craze?

Trends, whether it be fashion or music, typically start in Europe and overseas. It takes a while for the US to catch on, and I think we’re on the verge of that right now.


SITR: What’s next?

My team and I are putting together a tour right now. We are planning to cover the US and then go overseas. We are also working on new music and collaborating with really talented people in the industry. We’re definitely bringing the WOW factor!

Chelsea Bishop

Make sure to visit Chelsea Bishop’s website here, like her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter here! And be on the lookout for more club-floor destroyers from the talented dance artist!