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Vacationer Plays Live Set Stream at Audiotree

For those of you who are counting, this is my second Kenny Vasoli post in two days. After writing huge hits with The Starting Line during his teen years and early 20’s, Kenny embarked on other musical ventures. His most recent project, Vacationer, is probably unlike most music you’ve heard. Their music sounds like it’s from a far off place and has come all this way with the intention of making you feel like you’re on a relaxing vacation. Straight from the band’s Facebook: “No airfare needed, no reservations. Simply settle in, relax and enjoy; Vacation from anywhere at anytime.”

The band recently did a live, in studio session with Audiotree, and you can watch it below.

Close your eyes and let Vacationer take you far away.

Like the band on Facebook and download the band’s most recent album, Gone, on iTunes.