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Vin Diesel Should Stick To Movies

To start off, I had to ask if this video was serious. I expected to be Rick Rolled at some point, or Ashton Kutcher to have a throwback moment and tell me this was Punk’d. I’m all for a man to show his sensitive side, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when people truly believe they have singing talent and they sound like William Hung. And yes I did just make a William Hung reference. Side note: I did some research on him for a paper, and he was shockingly enough NOT a successful recording artist. He now works with the Los Angeles police, which is where Vin Diesel should end up if he posts another video like this. His rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay” was intended for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day present. If my boyfriend thought that butchering a Rihanna song was an acceptable Valentine’s gift, he’d find himself sleeping on the couch that night and possibly single on February 15th. My advice for Vin: keep it XXX next Valentine’s Day and if you want to record that…I guarantee you’ll expand your viewership.