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Weird and Wonderful: Wallpaper.'s "You n Me n Everyone We Know."

Wallpaper. may be one of the most party-centric and eccentric pop acts of the past few years, making their mark on the music world with a smattering of tunes that erupt with spunk and shine with vivacity and light. And through the red solo cups and synth drops, frontman Ricky Reed exudes a wonderful sense of camaraderie and friendship, harping on the memories made more than the drinks in your hand and the music pulsating through the air. It’s this humanity that gives his pop music a grounded sense, which perfectly counteracts the outlandish, in your face production that clothe some of Wallpaper.’s best tracks. One of those songs lies at the tail end of their debut album Ricky Reed Is Real, and is a perfect way to wrap up the wild and crazy ride down Hollywood Boulevard with Mr. Reed. After club hopping through supreme cuts like “Good 4 It,” “Life Of The Party,” “Drunken Hearts,” and “WHO RLY CRS,” “You n Me n Everyone We Know” takes you to the after party, where the night is fading as the faded bask in the warmth of friendship and hope, feeling young and drunk and free. And that’s what “You n Me n Everyone We Know” is; it’s a record that’s warm, young, and free. Reed really shows off his pipes in this song, capturing the heart with golden lyrics and a hook that feels more like a hug. The line “bright nights, dark days, we’re gonna be ok.” carries over the angelic synthesizers before the track opens up into a rollicking beat and cushioning acoustic guitars, as a strangely-endearing robotic voice croons across the rhythmic landscape. So take a listen to the song below, and appreciate the track for what it is. It’s a reminder that we’re only given one chance to enjoy life, so we should embrace the little sparks of light that illuminate the days. And always remember that, as Reed sagely states, we’re gonna be ok.