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Welcome to the New Age, Imagine Dragons Releases Music Video!

Imagine Dragons released their new music video for their song “Radioactive” only a month ago, and it is already reaching up to 5,000,000 hits on YouTube. This video is refreshingly unique and unexpected. I bet when listening to this song at first glance, fighting cuddly puppets would not come to mind. The plot of this video revolves around a girl in search to save her friends from the dungeon beneath a fighting rink. The only way to save them would be for her to enter her stuffed pink teddy bear into a fighting match. Sounds a bit peculiar doesn’t it?!

“Radioactive” has most recently been featured in the newly anticipated movie trailer for The Host, which is based off of Stephanie Meyer’s novel. This song was the perfect addition to this movie soundtrack. The Host will be hitting theaters in March.