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What Happened To Lil Wayne, The Once Self Proclaimed "Best Rapper Alive?"

There’s no doubting the fact that Lil Wayne has his fair share of both supporters and haters in the world. There’s also no doubting that when the I Am Still Music Tour came to the Bryce Jordan Center, he showed Penn State that he knows how to put on an epic performance. Finally, there is definitely no doubt that Lil Wayne has changed his style, his appearance, and his music a lot throughout the years. So, we have to ask you all…out of all of Weezy’s stages in his career, which is your favorite?

Is it…

A)   The very beginning of Weezy’s career, when he helped New Orleans rapper B.G. score his biggest hit of all time with his feature in the song “Bling Bling” in 1999?

B)   Lil Wayne’s rise to fame in 2004 with his breakout album Tha Carter, featuring popular tracks like “This Is The Carter”?
C)   Tha Carter II era in 2005, featuring Lil Wayne as a more confident, experienced rapper with tracks like “Fireman” and “Best Rapper Alive”?
D)   The peak of Lil Wayne’s career in 2008 during Tha Carter III era, where he had the #1 song in America with “Lollipop” and a huge top 10 hit with “A Milli”?
E)   Lil Wayne’s experimentation with rock in 2010 with his auto-tuned alternative rock album Rebirth, featuring tracks like “Knockout” and “Prom Queen”?
F)  The modern Lil Wayne, like in his latest song “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean, off of his upcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II?