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You Should Know About Deap Vally

The sunny oasis of Los Angeles has been consistent in producing a plethora of game-changing musical acts lately and this female pair can consider themselves part of the pack. If female rock duo Deap Vally aren’t on your musical radar yet, here’s your chance to become better acquainted.

Meeting by chance at a crochet class, singer/guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards hit it off and formed their own band, quickly garnering a critical buzz for their engaging live performances. An EP and full length album came shortly after, to the delight of fans. Vibrant guitar and drums are tied with powerful vocals as the standout qualities of their first album Sistrionix (2013)

(“End of the World” from the album Sistrionix“)

The blues-infused spirit of these pioneering ladies runs through their whole catalogue of tunes. Clear creative influences range from the White Stripes to the Black Keys but definitely retain their own lively and unique sound. The raw “End of the World” packs a punch as song number one on the album. And the evocative “Baby I Call Hell” brings yet another rousing layer to the mix. But take your pick of the bunch; all are well crafted and perfect for getting your energy up. So if you’re interested in fun music that’s best played loud and unapologetically, Deap Vally is your go-to selection.

(Deap Vally perform “Baby I Call Hell”)


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