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Today’s feature artist is The Avett Brothers:

“The Avett Brothers  have been called a traveling celebration. As much as this is a great compliment, it is also an apt visual of their live performances. In a broad sense, they look exactly like that, a celebration. There are composed of only three, but they always play 5 or 6 instruments simultaneously, existing on the stage in a kind of rhythmic whirlwind.  There is a ragged wildness about their shows that musically charges the foundations of more lively, erratic, and boot-stomping music.  The second dimension of the celebration is the aspect of celebrating life itself, with the intention of encompassing its less than lively aspects; the parts like sadness, and heartache, weakness, and regret. These things find their way into the live shows as authentically as the feverishly strummed, up-tempo anthems; both have the ability to plow through a crowd in three minutes and stick to their ribs long after they’ve shuffled out of the venue.

The raw intensity will remain a constant trademark as Bob Crawford says, ‘What can be said, without reserve, is that we put everything we have into our shows, and this is what we will continue to do.'” (From Bonnaroo website’s description of band)
Their music is just so wholesome and beautiful and real. I absolutely can’t wait to see them live.



Scott – banjo, lead vocals and stomp drum

Seth – guitar, lead vocals, stomp cymbal and piano

Bob – stand-up bass and backing vocals

Genre: Folk rock, indie rock

Latest Album: I and Love and You

Hometown: Concord, NC