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5 Free Albums We Dig

Free music is good. Quality free music is fantastic. The following five albums are by up-and-coming artists we simply must hear more from, and applaud for their generosity.

5. Dieter Schaaf – I Am A Child

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Schaaf is falls somewhere on the spectrum between a folk singer/songwriter and a hip-hop producer. Present are the elements of deep bass and lofty acoustics. We dig it. He qualifies his inspirations as coming from many genres, plus nature sounds childhood nostalgia. It all came together beautifully, and we’re glad we can grab it for free.

4. The Dean’s List – The Drive-In

These guys are blowing up. And it’s no wonder; their single “Dear Professor” is dope. The sample is ingenious and the flow is tight. Well, the whole record is, really.

3. Ian Axel – This Is The New Year.

Here we change things up a bit. Ian Axel hails from the Big Apple as a student at NYU. True, as far as the alma mater goes, he hasn’t blown up quite as much as that one Stephanie girl we keep hearing on the radio (we’re talking about Lady GaGa), or even Interpol for that matter, but we’re enamored by this guy nonetheless. He simply has a knack for creating a catchy, thoughtful piano tune. He even reminds us a good bit of Ben Folds, and who doesn’t have a soft spot in their callous heart for Ben Folds?

2. Childish Gambino – EP


Donald Glover needs no introduction. But perhaps his music does; this is Freeks and Geeks. And holy crap. It’s tighter than a skydiver’s rope. The rhymes here are simply some of the best in the business, which is saying a lot, really, since he’s practically a newcomer to the mainstream hip-hop scene.

1. Hoodie Allen – Leap Year

It’s Hoodie! It’s Hoodie! This dude is a recent Penn graduate, and it shows. He’s bright–brilliant, even. Despite being a newcomer to the underground hip-hop scene, his production values are impeccable. Not only are his beats deep and his lyrics hysterically dope, but just look at this music video; it’s so novel it could be straight out of Hollywood. We don’t know how he does it, but he needs to keep it up!

To download any of these singles along with their respective albums (all of which are SITR quality assured), click on the video and follow the YouTube descriptions’ instructions.

Spread the love (especially if it’s without the price)!