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7 Remixes That Are Better Than the Original

Let’s face it: most remixes are shit. Adding a generic club beat or a 30 second 2 Chainz verse to a song does not make it any better and more often than not, it seems like a remix is simply a gimmick to milk a good song for all it’s worth.

But once in a while, when you sift through all of the crap, you find a real gem that is worthy of being called a remix. A true remix mutates the archetype into something far more superior and is so good, you might find yourself listening to it more than the original song.

Here, friends, are some shining examples:

1) The Virgins – “Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)”

You may have heard this song in the White House | Black Market commercial a few months back. If you can’t dance to this, you have no soul.


2) Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans (Smims & Belle Remix) [Feat. Azealia Banks]”

“Blue Jeans” is arguably one of Lana’s best, but this remix is all Azealia and that’s perfectly okay with us.


3) Wolfmother – “Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix)”

MSTRKRFT gives this Wolfmother track a heaping dose of funk and attitude that makes “Woman” that much more badass.


4) Jessie Ware – “Running (Disclosure Remix)”

As of late, it seems as if Disclosure can do no wrong and this remix of a somewhat dull Jessie Ware song is every bit as good as their debut album.


5) Beck – “GhettoChip Malfunction (Hell Yes) [8Bit Remix]”

It’s hard not to like a song that sounds like Super Mario on acid.


6) Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool (A-Trak Remix)”

Precisely half of this Phoenix remix is cool enough for a day at the beach, while the other half is hot enough for the dance floor. Win-win.


7) Rebecca Ferguson – “Glitter & Gold (Cahill Club Mix)”

Yes, this can be classified as a generic club beat. But it’s so damn good, who cares?