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8 Study Playlists From You Need

Movin On’ 2013 was great. Consequentially, your legs are sore. You slept in. Great! However, this morning (or afternoon), the realization inevitably dawned on you: finals are here. Great. Now, you’re off to research. We feel your pain.

The intense studying does not have to be accompanied by silence. Instead, here are 8 great playlists from to get your mind going!

  1. EPIC STUDY TIME! by joshcable92
  2. Exams are life ruiners. They ruin people’s lives. by 123music456
  3. finals pt. 5: remixes by emily_H14
  4. 99 songs to make your homework awesome. by evansmusic
  5. Wall Street Elevator Music by indiekids
  6. Extra super motivational music (purposely adjusted for studying mode) for when you literally CANNOT sit yourself down and work. by Oli18
  7. Get Your Study On by fortincn
  8. Summer is on the Way Vol. 1 by AlexSB

Good luck and godspeed, from SITR.