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Alexa Ferr New Album Release



Alexa Ferr from Toronto, ON/Los Angeles, CA first gained her start in the music industry with the release of her single “Fell” which features Mathew “M dot” Finely who’s predominately known for his role in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock 2. A triple threat, who not only sings but also dances and acts. For the past few years, Alexa has been in Los Angeles working with The Invaders who produced her debut EP Lipstick In The Glass. Developing her sound from the release of “Fell,” Alexa has been able to captivate a “rugged pop” sound that not only shows her maturation but also her potential as an up and coming artist.

Not long ago, Alexa released her debut EP Lipstick On The Glass on September 4th, 2013.  The EP features the self-titled lead single, as well as Alexa’s second single “Rum Cake.” Lipstick On The Glass is currently streaming on UMusicians and was premiered on Mr. D Rock Star. On Quiet Storm, it’s the EP’s only ballad which showcases Alexa’s voice. The EP’s layered vocals is known to give one shivers as they listen to the track. After the EP’s release, Alexa has also released a music video for “Lipstick On The Glass/Rum Cake.”

Below is her “Lipstick On The Glass/Rum Cake” music video, check it out!

Lipstick On The Glass/Rum Cake by Alexa Ferr

Lipstick On The Glass Track List:

  1. Lipstick On The Glass
  2. Rum Cake
  3. Quiet Storm
  4. Tug of War
  5. Can’t Get Enough
  6. Stripped
If you would like to check out more of her music, come check out her website, follow her on Twitter, watch her Youtube videos, and listen to her music!