State In The Real – Penn State Music Scene

Author - Amanda Valenti

Vanessa Hudgens turned NAUGHTY!

That’s right, you heard me! She and Selena Gomez both decided to go the route that many Disney Teen Stars go when they realize that sex sells way more records than daisies and unicorns and candy. Hence the name of Vanessa’s new single “$$$ex”. It is an R- rated song inspired by her new movie “Spring Breakers” that was released this month, starring her, Selena, and James Franco. Have a listen…

Cam Meekins: Up & Coming HIT RAPPER

So I had the pleasure of seeing Cam Meekins come perform at Penn State my freshman year, and he was awesome!! A very down to earth guy as well, he hung out with us after the show (and I got to show him some of my OWN rap skills 😉 ). I  recently decided to look him up to see how he was doing, and I saw how popular he’s become. I checked out his songs and they are amazing! Excellent beats, and I love how he adds singing in as well as rapping, it adds some spice to the songs and makes them catchier. Here are some of my favorite songs by him, and if you like them, go to to hear them all! Check him out on Twitter as well at @CamMeekins


No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop Cover from Ed Sheeran & Passenger – MUST LISTEN!

Oh my gosh, their voices = perfection. I LOVE this cover, and I know you guys will too. As one of the YouTube users commented: #FemaleBoner. Check this out!! One of the best covers I’ve heard in a while, especially since Thrift Shop is one of my favorite songs nowadays. And I think it’s very sweet that they edited the curses out, they’re nice boys 🙂

Concert Review: MIKE WALLZ – A Night at the Theatre

So I had the pleasure of attending Mike Wallz’s first headlining concert, and let me just say that I was impressed! Mike Wallz is such a performer. You can tell he loves what he does, and he makes everyone else love what he does too. And on top of being an excellent performer, he is a very talented songwriter. His songs definitely captured me, even the ones I did not know. I found myself dancing along the whole time, waving my free glow sticks around (courtesy of Mike’s mom). The rest of the crowd was just as into his performance as well. But before I show you a performance by Mike, let me talk to you about the openers.

First was a band called Boomerang. I think very highly of a band or artist that can impress me the first time I hear them perform, and this song definitely impressed me. It’s called “I’m Over You.” Here is a clip of the song.

The other artist that opened for Mike was a DJ that calls himself THE MXBB. Here is my favorite video that I took of his performance. At one point during his set, people got up and started dancing in front of the stage. I also found it interesting that THE MXBB chose to keep his identity in the dark for most of the time. He barely ever had the lights shining directly on him during his performance.

And here are two videos of Mike Wallz’s performance!



NEW VIDEO RELEASED – Ke$ha "Die Young"

We all know and love (or in some cases, hate) Ke$ha’s song “Die Young,” and she’s finally come out with the “Die Young” music video! I’m disappointed to say the least, but then again Ke$ha’s videos are always kind of odd. It seems like Ke$ha is trying to give off an anti-Christ theme, what with all the Pagan symbols in the background. She is definitely trying to make some sort of statement. Watch it and see what you think!


New Music Video! "Emergency" – Steve Aoki, Chiddy Bang, & Lil Jon

You guys have to check out this video, it’s hilarious! And it was a good idea, if you ask me. This trio drives around in their emergency party ambulance and will stop at nothing to keep the dancing & partying going. The actual song is mediocre in my opinion, but the video is a riot! “This was the most fun and exciting music video I’ve ever done, and working with Chiddy Bang and Lil Jon put it over the top, we even got to set someone on fire!” says DJ Steve Aoki.