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Author - Brandon Heurich

Hellogoodbye Rocks Alumni Hall

Sunny vibes flooded through the HUB Friday night as Hellogoodbye brightly tore through a set of indie pop gold. Presented by SPA, the band played an intimate yet electric show at Alumni Hall, maintaining a perfect balance between new songs and fan favorites.

Opener JD Eicher and the Goodnights warmed the audience up with their own blend of indie pop mixed with some classic covers. They led the crowd in singalongs of “Yellow” and “Won’t Back Down” all while intertwining original material into the set.

Then, Hellogoodbye took the stage and immediately began to rock the crowd with some happy uptempo jams from their record Would it Kill You? They followed that with an early hit called “Baby It’s Fact” from their debut album, acting as the first course for some longtime HG fans who were hungry to hear the songs they grew up with.

Two or three new songs were peppered into HG’s set, giving us a glimpse at the style of their new album. There is clearly a more electronic influence than the more organic sound of Would It Kill You? but the emotion and feeling is still there. The new album, entitled Everything is Debatable, which is available October 29th, could bridge the gap between older and newer fans who enjoy different aspects of their sound.

The band ended their set with an extremely emotional and beautifully executed version of “Oh, It is Love,” followed by an emphatic and booming “When We First Met.”

For their final endeavor, Hellogoodbye played a modernized rendition of “Here, in Your Arms,” which is perhaps the band’s most recognized song. The audience sang along to the nostalgic tune with Forrest’s vocals being heavily modulated to bring the song to a whole new level. The guys of Hellogoodbye played a great show.

If you missed them, be sure to catch them on tour this Fall with Paramore and Metric and definitely check out the new album, Everything is Debatable when it is released in late October.

Finding Something to Do: A Hellogoodbye Playlist

Courtesy of SPA, California indie pop quartet Hellogoodbye are set to play at Alumni hall this Friday in the HUB and this writer couldn’t be more geeked up.

These guys have been echoing through my headphones since I was prowling the halls of my middle school, burning CDs for people. They’ve evolved into such a solid group of musicians and developed their sound to make some immaculate albums. Here is a playlist of their best songs and my personal favorites to help everyone get ready for the show.

Come out to the show to hear these tunes and more! You can also catch Forrest and the gang on tour with Paramore and Metric this fall. And be sure to check out their new album: Everything is Debatable which drops this October 29.

St. Lucia Brings Back the 80's at Levels

Whoever said 80’s synthpop was dead?

The spirit of the 80’s was very much alive at Levels this Thursday night as New York indie pop outfit St. Lucia took the stage. Dressed in tacky button downs and slacks Jean-Philip Grobler and his team slammed out jam after jam of synthy goodness.

Bright choruses echoed as St. Lucia played their hits, ranging from older favorites like “Before the Dive” and “All Eyes on You” to their new dance anthem, “Elevate.” One particular song, “We Got it Wrong,” had Grobler leading the audience in a repeating chorus lasting nearly the entire song. It felt like a house party from a John Hughes film. Right down to the haircuts. How could you not love these guys?

If you missed St. Lucia this time around, you can catch them on tour with Two Door Cinema Club this fall in a city near you. You can also download their new EP featuring “Elevate” and exclusive remixes from Passion Pit and more on St. Lucia’s Facebook page for a limited time.

Keep jamming friends, and keep it real.