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Author - Justin Sellew


Ladies and Gentlemen…
“S.D.S.”, the first single from Mac’s upcoming album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, has dropped!  As a big Mac Miller fan, I’ve got to say I love this one!  His lines are just nastyyyy. One of my favorites on this song is, “Let bygones be bygones, my mind strong as pythons”.  Simple? Yes. Awesome? Yes. That’s Mac.

S.D.S. stands for Somebody Do Something, which is made quite clear when you here the song. Check it out below:




Hello, Hello, Hello…

Ya’ll remember “Solo Dolo” by Kid Cudi from the album Man On The Moon?  I think it was a legit song, but maybe a little slow for my taste.  I prefer upbeat and happy songs, especially during this lovely spring weather.

I woke up this morning and flicked on the television, and heard this commercial:

“Up Up & Away” is one of my favorite Kid Cudi songs!  That commercial got me in a upbeat and energized mood because of that song alone.

When I listened to “Solo Dolo Part II” which will be on Kid Cudi’s new album titled, Indicud set to release on April 23rd, I had to laugh!  I made a connection!  Kid Cudi must have slurping some of that new Kickstart drank, because “Solo Dolo Part II” is wayyyyy more upbeat than “Part I.”

listen for yourself:

It doesn’t hurt that Kendrick Lamar Jumps on this song either.  I think he brings a slightly different dimension to the song.

I cannot wait to check out what else Cudi has to offer us.  Make sure you purchase his new album Indicud out on April 23rd!


Movin' On Battle Showcase: Flashback Forward

What’s up ya’ll?

So as you know, or you should, on March 23rd the 2013 Movin’ On Battle of the Bands will take place! The line-up for The Battle has been released, and I took a listen to a few of the bands. One band that really stood out to me is Flashback Forward.  The band consists of Tyler who plays the keys and sings, Aida who shreds the guitar, Elliot works on drums and, and Zach is the bassist.

I had to giggle at their bio on Facebook because I loved it!  This is what it said, “We’re Flashback Forward. We sound like U2, Coldplay, and Incubus and nothing like Nicki Minaj.”

The band is classified in the alternative rock genre. I did some research and found a song titled “Surrender.” The melody got me hooked instantly. Check it out here.


Make sure you check out Flashback Forward and all the other bands who will battling it out on March 23rd! Don’t miss it ya’ll.

2013 MTVU Woodie Awards!

On Sunday, March 17th, mtvU’s woodie awards are back! These awards highlight “the music that college students love.” Last year, they had wild performances by Mac Miller, Santigold, and A$AP Rocky. This year Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be taking the main stage for a little “Thrift Shop” fun. Other performers for this year’s show include Alt-J, Jake Bugg, and Joey Bada$$.

This year there is also a new award category called, “FOMO Woodie”. This award is for the live shows you have the biggest Fear Of Missing Out on.  Nominees for this new award are Death Grips, Fiona Apple, Flux Pavilion, Frank Ocean, Jack White, Swedish House Mafia, and The Weeknd. Other categories include Best Video Woodie, Tag Team Woodie, Breaking Woodie, and Branching Out Woodie.

On a personal note, I cannot wait for these awards. After all, it is the awards show for the music college students love. I am a college student, so that works out great!  I already voted for who I think should win each category, and you can too by clicking RIGHT HERE.  The awards are on Sunday March 17th at 8pm and will be aired on both MTV and mtvU.  Vote for your artists and tune into the fun!



Ever see the movie Office Space? Do you want to rip your ears off when that one lady says, “looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays”?  Well, straight-up, I feel like I have “the Mondays” every Monday. It seems as though the weekend never replenishes my body nor my spirit. When Monday shows it’s ugly face, I instantly get this horrible feeling and begin my “good ole school work.”


Have no fear Penn Staters!  MC SHOGUN has done the impossible, and managed to give us something to look forward to on Monday nights.

So I got back to my crib last night after a rigorous day of group projects (and the whole school thing). I got all cozy at my desk, with my assignments spread out staring me in the eye. I decided to tune into LION 90.7 FM. I figured some background jams would help ease the studying and calm the nerves, but a sudden burst of energy hit me when I heard the first track that MC SHOGUN played for his audience. Ya’ll remember “No Diggity” by Blackstreet, featuring Dr. Dre???

So that was an incredible start!  At this point I found myself ignoring that school work I spoke of earlier, but MC SHOGUN had me captivated with his smooth voice and all around laid back atmosphere. MC SHOGUN’s playlist just kept on surprising me. He then played “Life in Marvelous Times” by Mos Def, which again had me feeling good.

(side note: I also agree with MC SHOGUN’s opinion that “Jedi Mind Tricks” is an extremely dope name for a rap group!)

Throughout SHOGUN’s airtime he played a marvelous mix of 90’s rap and R&B.  He threw in some more modern jams too such as “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” by the one and only Lupe Fiasco. MC SHOGUN definitely has some kinda magic in his old silk hat, because I for real can’t wait to see what he’s got in store the Monday after spring break!

But who exactly is MC SHOGUN? His name is Daniel Novak. He is currently a senior studying sociology. His hometown is Bethesda, Maryland. I had the privilege of talking to Dan about being an MC and how he got his start.  He told me that in his earlier days as a Nittany Lion, his friends from other schools were starting to get involved in their local radio stations. Dan then added that his strong love for rap music led him do some research on LION 97.0 FM. Now, Dan (AKA MC SHOGUN) has his own spot every Monday.

After hearing the track-list that Dan played on his set last night, I had to ask him about current artists that he is inspired by. Dan told me that he is currently a big fan of Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky.

So join in ya’ll and listen to the chill vibes shogun is dishing out for us. Catch him every Monday from 9PM till’ 11PM on LION 90.7 FM.