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Author - Nate Grenko

8 Study Playlists From You Need

Movin On’ 2013 was great. Consequentially, your legs are sore. You slept in. Great! However, this morning (or afternoon), the realization inevitably dawned on you: finals are here. Great. Now, you’re off to research. We feel your pain.

The intense studying does not have to be accompanied by silence. Instead, here are 8 great playlists from to get your mind going!

  1. EPIC STUDY TIME! by joshcable92
  2. Exams are life ruiners. They ruin people’s lives. by 123music456
  3. finals pt. 5: remixes by emily_H14
  4. 99 songs to make your homework awesome. by evansmusic
  5. Wall Street Elevator Music by indiekids
  6. Extra super motivational music (purposely adjusted for studying mode) for when you literally CANNOT sit yourself down and work. by Oli18
  7. Get Your Study On by fortincn
  8. Summer is on the Way Vol. 1 by AlexSB

Good luck and godspeed, from SITR.


This Brand New Concert Video Will Make You Excited For Movin' On

Very excited, indeed.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are one week away from Movin’ On. One. Week. Away.

Now, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited for the end-of-year free music festival. But we are especially excited for Brand New. If the concert they will give next has half of the ambiance, half of the crowd excitement, or half of anything in this video–taken from their performance at the Electric Factory two years ago– we’re looking forward to an unforgettable act.

One week, ladies and gentlemen. One week. Stay strong!

Meet the Music Video of the Year: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – "Can't Hold Us"

Sometimes, “beautiful cinematography” simply doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, a music video transcends being mere visual aid to aural art. Sometimes, a music video can make you simply go “wow.”

Well, wow.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are back with another killer vid, and here it is. It’s for the single “Can’t Hold Us,” off the LP The Heist, which you’re already well familiar with. Nothing more needs to be said. It’s all eye candy from here on out. Check it out below!

Jasiri X Comes to SOC 119, Stirs Up Ruckus, Rocks the House

That’s right. The one and only Sam Richards brought the provocative, underground voice-of-a-generation Jasiri X to Penn State this week. The occasion? To talk Race and Ethnic Relations (the name of the class), Occupy Wall Street, Trayvon Martin and beyond.

The 4:15 class out starts out with a rousing introduction; this guy has performed from the stages SXSW to the sidewalks of Wall Street, challenging anyone who stands in his way. No wonder Lupe Fiasco hangs out with him!

His drop-by all begins with a Skyped-in endorsement from Sam himself. Then, Jasiri X comes busting out of the literal closet in 100 Thomas, immediately delving into an impressive freestyle. Next, he gives an introduction–who he is and what he does. After showing a few of his own music videos, he facilitates an open discussion of 800 strong participants. And finally, he premiers his new video!

Today, in the succeeding class, students reacted to X’s presence. Controversial opinions abound; but this only verifies Jasiri’s thought-provoking image . He’s a man with a humble, well-presented demeanor, and a tongue that can light a crowd on fire. This Wednesday, he entered and exited to well-deserved applause. The clear consensus is this: whatever Jasiri X is–a political figure, sharp-witted spitter, or something inbetween–he’s the real deal.

Thank you for dropping by, Jasiri X! We’re confident we’ll be seeing you around!

Head on over to Bandcamp to download Jasiri X’s work now! 

Movin’ On Battle Showcase: Pantomime Dame

Hailing from State College, indie garage-funk band Pantomime Dame aims to make you dance and bob to the beat. Inspired by Big Baby Belle and John Gagen, their sound is unique, to be sure–accompanied by crunchy guitar, distinguished rhythms, and soulful wailing.

The band is relatively new to the scene, having dropped their first EP Airplane just this past summer. You can download it for free over at their Bandcamp page. Watch out for them taking the stage at tonight’s Movin’ On Battle of the Bands!

BREAKING: Lil' Wayne in Critical Condition After Seizures

UPDATE 8:49: Mack Maine is saying that the story is false, and that Lil Wayne will be releasing a statement soon:

Say what you will about the infamous rapper, but if sources are to be believed, he probably is on his deathbed.

Reports are coming in from Cedars-Sinai Hospital that the hip-hop superstar and self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive” has had his stomach pumped not once, not twice, but three times. This to get high amounts of codeine out of his system.

If sources are accurate, he is “unstable,” apparently “shaking uncontrollably” from seizures and breathing through tubes.

Read more from sources closer to the story here and here.