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Author - Nate Grenko

McKean Hall's 3rd Floor Does Their Own Harlem Shake

Wednesday on a Midnight. What’s there to do? What productivity is to be achieved? Perhaps a little studying? Homework? Even, God forbid, ALEKS?

Nah!  How about making a Harlem Shake video?!

This is exactly what the 3rd floor of McKean Hall did last night–or, perhaps more accurately, this morning. SPA and the Lion Ambassadors already did their own videos, so why not? Check it out the East antics below.

Also, don’t forget that a massive, open, Penn State-wide Harlem Shake is going to be produced the next Friday, the 22nd.

McKean Hall, SITR salutes you!

Hoodie Allen Drops a Sick New Tune: "Cake Boy"

Semi-local rapper and UPenn graduate Steven Markowitz, aka Hoodie Allen, is unstoppable. Recently he’s been blowing up like a Michael Bay film; with the LP All American that peaked iTunes’ charts and a sizable catalog of free digital albums (which we’ve covered before), he’s got the goods. Today he dropped his newest bass-tumper, “Cake Boy,” and we at SITR say it’s dope.

Filled with sweet rhymes, clever analogies, fast rapping, and all sorts of show-stopping hip-hop goodies, check out the music video below!

Sublime work as always, Hoodie. Feel free to stop by State College any time!

BREAKING: New Postal Service – "A Tattered Line of String"

We can hardly believe it ourselves.
Just now, unexpectedly, the Postal Service debuted a brand new song on YouTube. This comes after 10 years since their last release.

As we reported earlier, Sub Pop superstars will be reuniting for this year’s Coachella, although Ben Gibbard adamantly denied rumors of new music. Turns out that was a lie. But it’s OK Ben, all is forgiven!

Immerse yourself in the fresh alternative indie rock electronica below!

Android: Free, Searchable Penn State UP map now available for download

Ever had to be somewhere on campus when you suddenly realized: “Darn. Where the heck is Elliott building? I have an appointment in 30 minutes and have no idea where it’s at…” Of course you have!

Well, here’s your solution (at least if you have a device with Google Android on it.) The Unofficial Penn State Map app version 1.2 was just released today. It’s compatible with Android 3.1 and up. Grab it on the Google Play app market now!

The Postal Service is back!

Excellent news for fans of Deathcab’s Ben Gibbard! The indie-pop prince’s beloved and up-until-now-retired side-project, The Postal Service, is going to be revisited this year!

And ironies of all ironies, this comes to us one of the few days of the year that the USPS is closed; an updated website teases us with nothing more than a scant “2013” on an otherwise-blank website. Nonetheless, it’s enough to excite us!

Pitchfork is reporting that it signifies a 10th Anniversary Edition release of the band’s acclaimed Give Up LP, in addition to a booking at this year’s upcoming Coachella festival. They also report that it signifies no new recordings for be band, at least explicitly. Bummer.

We at SITR have our fingers crossed that they’re wrong. Frankly, after 10 years of on-and-off rumors of the band’s reunion, we were hoping for a little bit more. But who knows? Gibbard could change his mind.

Gibbard, please change your mind.

In the meantime, if you have no idea what the hullabaloo is about, feast your ears on the magnificent indie-electronica pop sensation that is “Such Great Heights” below.

Suit Up Penn State seeks a sartorial side to Dear Old State

Do you yearn for the good old days, during which young men and women dressed their best before going around and about on campus? If so, this may be the movement for you.

Established just this past week, Suit Up State, currently a Facebook page, aims to “start a campus wide movement to class up the university and bring back the old time college charm by suiting up” with weekly events. Here’s the current lineup:

  • Formal Monday
  • Canadian Suit Wednesday (!?)
  • [Business-]Casual Friday

Considering the modern prevalence of sweatpants here, it’s ambitious for sure. Does it sound appealing to you? Then head on over to the Facebook page, and embrace your dapper collegiate side!