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Automatic Habit Takes Over Alternative Press

So remember the band I told you to check out? Automatic Habit ring a bell? Maybe it’s ringing sleigh bells? The Philadelphia pop-rock band dropped its latest christmas single just amidst all the holiday cheer on Alternative Press. Yes, THE Alternative Press, AP Magazine. The big leagues. If you didn’t believe me when I said this band is worth keeping up with, nows the time to start. Sick and tired of the same happy cheery Christmas tunes? Check out the single ‘Merry Christmas, Don’t Go Home’ here on Alternative Press !

Like what you heard and want to see the band live? Come hang out with State In The Real when we head to The Brotherly Breakdown Fest in Philadelphia,PA on January 5th at The Trocadero Theater! Find out all the event info on Facebook here: AFTERMATHEVENTS. NET PRESENTS: BROTHERLY BREAKDOWN FEST 2013 @ TROCADERO! Automatic Habit has pre-sale tickets available for the show! If interested get in contact with me via twitter: @HeySamMetz and I’ll get you in the right hands!

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Photo Credit: Jon Stars