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Azealia Banks releases (another) new video

Hip Hop/Rap’s mean-spitting “cool girl” has released the fourth overall video from her 1991 EP. The song (which bears the same name) and its video are an ode to the late twentieth-century, depicting Banks in a variety of stylish wardrobe changes. It’s been included below for your viewing pleasure. While the video is basically just Miss Banks posing for the camera, the track itself showcases the “212” singer’s skills and diversity as an artist, straying away from the dance-anthem theme plaguing the airwaves.

If you enjoy the song, you’ll most likely be a fan of the EP, which was released last May to critical acclaim. An album is (most likely) due to be out next February, though it’s already been pushed back several times. Luckily, Banks recently released the 19-track mixtape Fantasea to hold her fans and listeners over. Here’s a taste of it below.